Rebooting the blog!

After a considerable amount of time off, I figured it was time to reboot the old blog. Unfortunately, in the time since, I ended up shutting down the server that was hosting it without saving my previous posts. At that time, I had probably accumulated around 20-30ish posts, a considerable loss. Luckily, I was able to search and found that it had done two archives of the old site! So all the posts below are copied an pasted from the archive and were able to retain most of their formatting.

Unfortunately, I know there are some posts that web archive missed, both some from the beginning of when I started writing and a few from the end. (I know I did one analysis about home court advantage in the NBA which was unfortunately deleted. Maybe someday I’ll re-write that, but I do remember it was about 3 points). Not much to do about the missing posts, but at least I could recover some.

Another note, there’s a good chance that some of the links on the older posts are no longer working. Streakflow and Yttogether are both offline as of now, but the code (as naiive as it is) is still up at my github account.

With that, welcome back, and hopefully I can provide some new insights for the future.

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